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sophie peters
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not much to say, art is life and all that, right?
i just watched the purge. it wasn't scary but it was awesome. it really reinforced a key idea in my philosophy, and makes me wonder what would really happen if we allowed something like that. in some ways it might be a good idea, as it controls the population and eliminates weaker genes, but i think that if we celebrate death, then we will eventually be consumed by the idea of killing. our society today, while flawed, makes psychotics much more difficult to develop because they have to be in hiding. some would love to kill, but either don't have the heart or are afraid of the consequences of getting caught. if we allowed it and celebrated it (as the people in purge do) we would create an entire population of psychotics. they know they can release the hate they feel, so they look for excuses to find things to hate in people. all the pent up rage will be released on that day, and people who cant defend themselves or have no way to hide will all eventually be "purged", leaving behind a society of rich people who believe they are the "chosen ones" and they are simply doing their duty as Americans and purging those who are unfit to live. they would eventually turn on themselves when the lower class were eliminated, and eventually the purge would be lengthened, then overflow the boundaries. we would have hordes of rich college kids and high-class people roaming the streets, searching for people to kill.  we would create a generation of people who are so desensitized to death that they have no problem killing their friends, family, people who have ever done them the slightest bit of wrong. they would want to believe they are right, and retaliate accordingly to politicians and people who oppose the purge. in a different intelligent species perhaps the purge would work, but all throughout evolution we have proven ourselves time and time again to be an inherently "evil" or predatory species. i think perhaps in a thousand years we would be evolved enough for an idea like this, but the bottom line is that if we are given absolute power, the majority of us will take advantage of it. our egos and narcissism are too innately embedded in our psyches for such an idea. (i for one would be out there with a machete, but i wouldn't purge the poorer classes, i would be after the rich entitled people who have never had any hardship in their lives.) this proves that i am, in a sense, just as insane as the rest of us, even if i would manifest it in different ways. when the opportunity arises we will take it. its simply human nature. so for now we should maintain a society which still is at least sort of balanced out until we can think of a better solution. i think that chaos is an integral part of the world, and we should not attempt to contain it. 
so those are my thoughts about the purge. i think it would be a lot more satisfying to go agianst society and become a serial killer or something if i wanted to kill. 

p.s. sorry about the lack of capitalization, i just needed to write everything down before i lost it agian
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